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Individual honey filling machine

Individual honey filling machine
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Individual honey filling machine

Individual honey filling machine

Commercial paste honey filling machine gear pump weighing type viscous liquid automatic filler 3kg 5kg

Name: honey filling machine

Electronic scale specification: 3KG/5KG

Voltage: 110/220V 50/60Hz

Power: 25W/30W

5KG platform size: 140*190mm

3KG platform size: 110*140mm

Error: 0-2g


1. Free combination of three sections to improve filling efficiency.

2. When the bottle is put, if the hand is not released, it will not be loaded. When the hand is released, it will be loaded. Intelligent quick identification.

3. Center stop function (prevent overflow, all kinds of bottles can be loaded into the mouth of the bottle)

4. There are five ways to adjust the dosing, which is faster and more convenient.

5. Powerful memory function, remember quantitatively with all the parameters together to save only.

6. I want to customize any table, make a larger table.

7. Switch between total weight and liquid weight.

8. Preset empty bottle can be set automatically quantification and automatic filling.

9. Bilingual system in Chinese and English

10. Click, normally open, normally closed function.

11. The footswitch is no longer in use, but the footswitch expansion interface is still retained (optional)

12. Timing interval can be customized by number of bottles and interval time.

13. Timing filling machine has the function of customizing the budget flow rate.

14 points machine, points with practical functions.

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  • Model: 684
  • Weight: 5.00kg
  • Dimensions: 140.00cm x 190.00cm x 0.00cm