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Solution to tackle nozemiasis hives without the use of antibiotics.

Suitable for organic beekeeping.
It contains iodine, formic acid, formic acid, substances having antibacterial and antiprotozoal properties.
In tests conducted showed efficacy 89- 94% in nosema apiskai to 74% in nosema ceranea.
Destroys the vegetative forms and spores of protozoan.
No alteration of juveniles observed deaths of bees and queens.
A package NOSESTATarkei for 20 liters of syrup 20kgzacharozymaro.
Powered depending on the needs of the colony
Nosestat in solution (bottle). The pack contains two bottles. The bottle contains iodine No1 4g. and auxiliaries 80cm3. The bottle No2 contains formic acid 5g. and auxiliaries to 20 cm3.

Use for prophylaxis and treatment of nozemiasis for beehives. Applied internally with suitable sugar syrup (1: 1) or doughs from honey and sugar. Shake bottles # 1 and # 2 and the contents of the bottle No2 add to the # 1 cylinder. In 1 liter of sugar syrup or 1 kg of dough with honey and sugar, add 5 cm3 of the above mixture (No1 and No2). The use of the preparation we made carried out 3 times every 3 days with 500-800cm3 and after a week repeat the same.

The implementation of NOSESTAT product occurs not later than 7 days from the beginning of honey collection. To avoid overdose should be used vothmonomimeni scale which is in the box.

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