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pollen dried 100 γρ

pollen dried 100 γρ


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pollen dried 100 γρ


In Greece so far very few have heard of the " melissogyri " . is a new miraculous food that produces the bee , that is the product of the hive that modern experimental research brought to light the current day . as has already been verified by the science, melissogyri contains valuable nutrients and healing properties . is an edible with features very energizing and receipt of the daily food brings nutritional and therapeutic effects almost incredible. with all the melissogyri was known by the ancient Greeks and the old years of biblical prophets , the almost impossible of the Mazoma made ​​its use impossible.
The current discovery of gyreopagidas , was the first step for Mazoma sufficient quantity melissogyris to become loud the first scientific experiments . Research on the miraculous elements containing the melissogyri and vitality that gives the human body is taken, have been numerous clinical observations and experiments . All analytical verifications confirm Amazing in benefits , results feed brings to man .
But what is this product ? Melissogyri is the protein food of bees which gather some flowers the bees . during retraction of the mix with nectar and bring it to the hive in an irregular spherical shape . do with this so-called bee bread and store it inside the hexagon of the honeycomb cells to feed on what their offspring .
The melissogyri is an irreplaceable source of natural proteins . pollen differs in anemofili and entomofili . the first is usually harmful to humans and brings many allergy (anaphylaxis ) and not the wonderful properties that the entomofili is that we are talking about here and which the bees gather . The melissogyri is rich in valuable ingredients of which have the first position as proteins and amino acids.
Other notable elements it contains are :
Carotene , which is the main source from which industrially produced vitamin A.
Rutin (vitamin F ) , which strengthens and grows the capillary circulation and strengthens the veins and arteries . a property that contributes to a large extent removes heart attacks and strokes , especially for those over 40 years of age. The melissogyri still contains an amount of enzyme components necessary for the uptake and absorption of food through the digestive system of the human body . and also plant hormones which are harmless to humans (and not as harmful as synthetic hormones are those industries that circulate in laboratories and pharmacies which arrange and regulate hormone secretion producing men and women endocrine glands, with this enhances the status and prostate .
The normal use of melissogyris like flying to the hive bees (and not adulterated , stale or spoiled ) can give back to his old patron youth, as experiments have shown . Sweden and the Scandinavian countries consume amazing quantities melissogyris . attribute the rebirth of sexual power. melissogyri has the wonderful effect in women and especially in various difficult periods of their lives . when they get mixed with honey helps often seamless and smooth litters . and above the beneficial use of the fact contributes to come into the world nice and quietly laughing babies .
Experiments were performed in European and Russian institutes show that melissogyri is a great valuable food in cases of pernicious anemia . further regulates intestinal function and sterilizes the entire digestive system ( and therefore some gave the title " Captain gut " ) increases the appetite , decrease your blood pressure , increases the capacity for work , promotes the enrichment of hemoglobin , soothes nerves and fights insomnia and inflammation of the prostate. two Swedish doctors eric askupmark the University of upsala and g. johnson university of lund, published a study stating the very beneficial effect of the melissogyri prostate . Swedish pharmacies have a preparation based on melissogyri the tchernilton, which involves the use not only as a therapeutic drug , but even as a prophylactic measure against infection of the prostate. alin gallas the French scientist and distinguished academic , is for every person aged 50 years and over , taking each day by half an ounce (15 grams ) melissogyri . Academician dr. nicholai tsitsin Russian botanist , was surprised ( as he writes ) when he found that about 70% of people who were ekatochronoi and over , whether it was the bees themselves or had a job that had to do with hive products . the charli baba mislimon from arzebaizan was 160 years , still is , in this age a very active Melissas (n.ioiriche, from his book " Bees " the winged pharmacists ) . of weather has also been found that bees are not affected by cancer , except in rare cases only due to abuse tobacco or booze . this wonderful phenomenon of immunity against cancer is now scientific topic of study and experimental research .
The melissogyri is colorful and thick , depending on the flowers from which it is gathered . genuine melissogyri has the shape of a threaded irregular grain size having tiny lentils . the bees with nectar scrambling to stick millions of grains of pollen and form beads that bring the hive. so fresh , like collecting spoils very easily if left out of the refrigerator . to maintain , dried by the method of the gap, ie pumps suck the air and form a vacuum in the drying chamber and thus the moisture is removed. product is very hygroscopic and if left out after desiccation (and as is known in the market ) absorbs moisture and spoils , so loses its beneficial properties . and this must always keep one dry melissogyri in glass containers with airtight lid applied ( tightly ) .
The valuable end product of the hive is still virtually unknown in Greece and not offered either in the open market or in pharmacies . Now gather too much pollen in Greece , mainly in spring , beekeepers from producers who dry and store in the freezer and from there to offer to the market .
The Greek pollen is high quality , because we have too good of flowering herbs.
sold by the kilo and eaten up to 20 grams each day .
It is the richest natural food proteins , vitamins, essential amino acids , hormones , enzymes and minerals and others. the balance of amino acids (22 ) are determinant of the nutritional value of pollen ( iannuzzi , 1993b). contains over 5,000 enzymes and co-enzymes necessary for the metabolism of food and absorption of nutrients from the digestive system (pollen company, 1981). containing antibiotic and bacteriostatic substances and plant hormones that regulate the normal secretion of endocrine glands. if we compare the content of pollen in the corresponding amino acids of beef , eggs or cheese , you will find that an equal weight pollen is 5-7 times richer than those foods that are known for their nutritional value . integration in everyday human life brings incredible results . pollen gives wellness, increases self-confidence.
Pollen helps in mental function , strengthens the contraction of the heart , diuretic (liebelt, 1994). corrects the balance of metabolism and contributes not only to reduce weight but also to increase . increasing the metabolic rate of the ethanol , intense sexual activity (brown, 1989). substantially reduces the menopausal problems and anemia , prostatitis , haemorrhoids , constipation , diarrhea, enteritis . containing an antibiotic substance , similar to penicillin. affects the water metabolism , fat deposition thyroid gland (liebelt, 1998). protect eyesight .
Formulations - consumption
consumed as has dissolved into a juice , mixed with honey .
What is pollen ;

Pollen is the male element of the fertilization of the flowers . microscope looks like a very fine powder , an endless amount of grains that differ depending on the flower from which they originated . this powder forms a zygote , ie the early stage of the production of fruits , grains , legumes and vegetables .
There are two kinds of pollen , and the anemofili entomofili . first transported by the wind, and are abundant . do not contain the necessary nutritional factors and is responsible for many of spring allergies . the entomofiles transferred by bees . fermented by those with the nectar to become supple and obtain the pellet form which is stored in the hive . each bee to every journey of two such spheres one under each of the hind legs . together they weigh about 20mg. A bee takes roughly about an hour to collect this amount which contains about 4,000,000 pollen grains . ( a teaspoon of pollen - the recommended dosage for the start - contains 1,200 beads , approximately 2.5 million pollen grains , each of which has the potential to fertilize a flower and thereby produce a fruit or a grain of wheat etc . therefore not exaggerate when talking about pollen saying that encloses the
the creative powers of Nature . note also that the pollen is the raw material for the production of royal jelly .
The composition as honey and royal jelly is very complex. analyzes indicate that periecheimia huge amount of nitrogenous materials in the form of proteins, minerals and vitamins. still contains all the essential amino acids that our body is unable to synthesize , and even in the case of pollen received from the physical source thing better than synthetic formulas. also important for quality of pollen that the bee is the nature of knowledge to select spins rich in nutrients , ignoring the poor in content . assuming that in our diet was only pollen for the uptake of amino acids, then you will see that pollen ITSELF can cover NEEDS OUR with a 15g dose . ( depending on age and special situations - sports, fatigue , etc. - can be increased as the 35g ) .
Contains a significant amount of B vitamins , and enough vitamin c. still contains kareteinoeidi transformed into vitamin A by the body , and vitamin E. It 's pollen , a substance rutin , which strengthens the resistance of the entire circulatory system as the level of capillaries . laboratory research showed that the elasticity of blood vessels may be increased as a 76% dose of 3g . while the same substance in cases of bleeding accelerates blood clotting , and mitigates the heart rate .
Contains from 10 to 15 % fructose and glucose
Contains phosphatase , amylase , invertase and other enzymes which play a major role in many biochemical reactions in the human body .
Pollen as antiviotikos FACTOR
As antibiotics , have demonstrated in vitro that is highly active in certain microbial cultures .
Strengthens and tones , while giving the body the opportunity to develop further.
So in conclusion we can say that the pollen is a pleasant surprise ORGANIC NUTRITIONAL . acts as a catalyst in most of the reactions of the body and the physical and mental health .
Administration is preferably in the morning .
Adults: start with a teaspoon and gradually within a ten-day growing into a tablespoon .
Minors : starts with a staccato teaspoon and gradually within a ten-day growing into a staccato tbsp.
athletes are beyond the normal dosage ( as above ) , one teaspoon one hour before and one teaspoon immediately after exercise.
In special cases ( eg diet with pollen / people experiencing these conditions) the dosage may be changed according to the instructions of the doctor.
if possible concurrent administration of royal jelly , the administration pollen is half an hour after the royal jelly .
Pollen and effects on the human body

1.What is the pollen and what the recommendation
Pollen is the means by which the male plant genetic material is transferred from the male ( warp ) in the female plant propagating organs ( pistil ) .
Located on the edge of the anthers of stamens , as powders in various colors , with a preponderance of yellow , depending on the type (caillas, 1958). consisting of granules ( 5 - 200 ) (lannuzzi 1993a), in most cases it is a bitter taste, but sometimes depending on the plants from which it is derived is sweet .
Pollen plays an important role in the diet of bees especially in early stages ( larvae, juveniles ) (lannuzzi 1993a). is the sole protein food of adult bees. is rich in protein, but contains carbohydrates , fats , minerals , terpenes , carotenoids , flavonoids and other components necessary for human consumption ( , 2) (lannuzzi 1993c).
Man uses as a supplement to the diet as a source of protein , vitamins and minerals. pollen does not cover the daily requirement of vitamin d, and therefore can not be described as " perfect food " . the callian (1958) reports that, according to the work of Russian scientists , pollen contains small amounts of rutin , known as vitamin r, which increases the resistance of the capillaries and thus prevents the body from cerebral haemorrhages and reduces the time for blood coagulation. also strengthens heart contractions and slow their pace . / p>
Table 1 . composition of pollen (lannuzzi 1993c)
protein 22% (range 7-30 )
carbohydrates 31 ( 0-41 )
fats 5 (1-14 )
minerals 3 (1-16 )
water 11 (7-16)
unknowns 29 ( 22-36 )
The minerals listed in Table 2 is the most prevalent pollen , but not unique . The composition of pollen in minerals varies widely and depends on the plant from which it is derived and thus the composition of the soil , often influenced by the presence in industries .
Table 2 lists the essential amino acids found in pollen while total amino acids at ease outnumber 19 . observed that all the essential amino acids have been found in pollen. Also there are reports on the presence of aspartic acid , cystine , glycine , hydroxyproline (lannuzzi 1993c). cysteine ​​is an amino acid that positively affects hair growth and hair color .
Table 2 . vitamins , minerals and amino acids to pollen (lannuzzi 1993c).
metal salts
Group B : Thiamine
pantothenic acid,
pyridoxine ,
Folic acid ,
vitamin c ( ascorbic acid)
vitamin E
glutamic acid
If we compare the content of pollen in the corresponding amino acids of beef , eggs or cheese will find that an equal weight pollen is 5-7 times richer than these foods , which are famous for their nutritional value . Why pollen is a highly concentrated food (Callian 1958, Brown 1989). Also results from differences in dietary trials showed that the balance of amino acids is determinant of the nutritional value of pollen (lannuzzi 1993b).
The fatty acids ( arachidonic, behenic , capric , caproic , caprylic , lauric , linoleic , palmitic , stearic , etc. ) vary depending on the plant origin (Talpay 1978). For reducing sugars suspected from bee activity because the pollen collected by hand contains less (lannuzzi 1993c). It has been estimated that the pollen collected by bees contains over 5,000 enzymes and co-enzymes necessary for the metabolism of food and absorption of nutrients from the digestive system (Pollen Company, 1981).

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