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 In recent years, thymol has become a well-known natural product for controlling and controlling baropoiesis and does not have a negative impact on the quality of honey. All international standards have been approved for use in beekeeping.

One of the techniques for the use of thymol is the placement of cellulose sheets in frames impregnated with thymol solution (technique of the Italians who presented it at the APIMONDIA Pan-African monastery) or sponge soap impregnated with thymol solution (Switzerland).

■ SYNTHESIS: One sheet of aluminum foil soaked with 1 g of thymol.

■ ACTION: The strong odor of the thymol prevents Varroa male and female mites from smelling each other so that there is no mating and mating between them and the finger vapors kill Varroa (up to 90% yield). The tarol slowly evaporates and since the bees do not have a strong odor to remove it, they bite the cellulose leaves and carry them throughout the hive until they are discarded. During this time, all the thymus evaporates.
■ APPLICATION: A cellulose sheet containing 1 g of thymol is sufficient for 4 frames in the blister (a total dosage for thymol use is 0.25 grams per frame in the blister). We can cut it in half to maintain the exact dosage. Place the leaves in the frames and replace them with new ones when eating or when their smell is reduced (in the summer after 10 days and in the spring or autumn after 2 weeks). The leaves must be in the hive for at least 21 days. The optimum placement temperature is from +10 to +25 degrees. In case of overdose or at very high temperatures, bees may not remain in the hive even if they leave it, so it is important to follow the instructions.
■ NOTE: And the use of timol in the control of varroatosis is a good alternative to fighting, thymol is not toxic to bees, but in order to have the desired effect, it is important to maintain the prescribed dosage and observe the outside temperature. Before treatment, we can perform a control treatment of a hive with the prescribed dosage to understand how bees will respond. If everything is good, bees react normally to the preparation, then we can deal with the other hives. If they react aggressively, it is preferable to choose another preparation for treatment and leave the treatment for later (younger bees are more susceptible to thymol treatment).
The best time to treat with pricing is when strong herbal herbs begin to bloom (for example, lime).

■ PACKAGING: 30 sheets sealed in a metallized sheet.
■ STORAGE: In a dark and cool place (up to 25 degrees).
■ MANUFACTURER: Universal M-BEE PLUS, Sabac Republic of Serbia.

■ SHELF LIFE: 24 months when stored in a dark and cool place in the original package.

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