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propolis raw

propolis raw


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propolis raw

Propolis has bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties . Used to treat injuries to the respiratory organs , oral cavity , and other areas of the human body . Contains high concentrations flavones , flavonols and flavone which affect the body in different ways . Have anti-inflammatory effect on joints, skin and mucous tissues , protect Vitamin C from oxidation . Have a beneficial effect in the capillaries and prolong the activity of inhibiting the adrenaline -methyl transferase . Inhibit erythrocyte aggregation , improve blood circulation in the capillaries , have an antibacterial effect on gram positive and gram negative bacteria and have antiseptic . Alcoholic extract of propolis 50 % is used for the treatment of chronic otitis . Propolis also used for chronic pruritus, for the treatment of local redness , pharyngitis , fungal infections and for general problems otolaryngology . Assists in troubleshooting rheumatoid arthritis and spinal ankylosis . Propolis has positive effects in the treatment of vasomotor nerves that cause catarrh of respiratory cells. Used in the treatment of ulcer and prostate problems as well as for treatment of oral cavity problems

Propolis should be used with caution because there are people who are allergic .

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