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Why get hold of this scale?
The beekeeping scales in our time is undoubtedly an essential tool for any modern beekeeper.
From the variation of the weight of the cell and the outside temperature daily informed of the situation, which is our apiary. Even the winter season our information for the weight of the cell and the outside temperature is very important.
In our mobile a simple message which costs only a few cents, we gain a complete picture of our apiary with regard to the outdoor temperature and the weight of the cell. So Evaluating the current message judge whether an inspection and if you should take honeycombs permits or foods is essential.
Consequently reduces visits saving not only money but mainly valuable time by avoiding unnecessary movements.
We can use it in a beehive "marker" to transfer our beehives proper time now, without wasting nectar or one day !!! Even one (1) pound to gain from each cell, the total benefit is important.
The holder of the scales makes arrangements, in accordance with the operating instructions and use and provides the time the message was sent and the frequency (even every hour). The scale has the possibility of sending SMS messages to up to five recipients, giving the opportunity to beekeepers friends to cooperate and exchange information on the state of the apiary. Thus, although each of them has the colonies to a different area, you may have a full picture apiaries and elsewhere.
Technical specifications
GSM Quad band
Mettal  construction: 40x 49 x 16 cm
Maximum weight: 100 Kg broken 10g
Working environment: -10C to + 50C
Battery Autonomy 12 months / 1 message per day
Battery 12V, 7 Ah (included)

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