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Multivitamins bees Beeagra

Multivitamins bees Beeagra


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Multivitamins bees Beeagra

paghing 1000 g

DOSAGE 20 to 30 g in 10 liters of water or syrup

increased resistance against diseases
increase the production of honey bees and healthy
reduce stress on the moving CELLS
ESTHITA increase litters of queens
for grigori anaptixi the hive in the spring
maintain their eigiis CELLS winter
for more multi and grigori anaptixi neon flock
for reduction in time of illness in the cell


 Formulas Vitamins and minerals stychion

 To increase the birth of Queen

For anthektikotita on diseases for rapid growth

 For the high apodotikotita in honey

For dynamic entrance in winter

For ellachistopioisi loss in winter

 How to use and conditions as protective = To 10 liters of syrup and water 20g every three days (5 kout.kafe) form 500 ml in all mellisi from November 15 to 15 March

 For antimetopisi stress during transport of the flocks in priptoseis sickness = To 10 liters of syrup and water 1kg foods anamignyete 3kout.tou coffee powder Beeagra.

 Syntirisi = in dry, shady and cool place below 25 degrees.

 Content of each 1000gr.VitaminiA 2000000 IU, VitaminiD3 400000IU, VitaminiE 500mg, 1500mg VitaminiK3 VitaminiB1 200mg, 800mg VitaminiB2 VitaminiB6 200mg, CAL-D-Pant 1500mg, VitaminiB12 3mg, VitaminiC 4000 mg, Fosforos 650mg, Calcium 866mg, chloro 6154mg, cobalt 4mg, NIACIN 3000mg.

There are medications are efschitiko foods

There chrisimopieitai to treat ypolymmata not allowed in honey

 There Stir in boiling syrup.

Block representative BEE Greece Rodopi

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