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Buckwheat seed 1 tbsp

Buckwheat seed 1 tbsp


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Buckwheat seed 1 tbsp

Buckwheat seed 1 tbsp

Buckwheat plant honey: flowering, productivity.

Buckwheat – This herbaceous annual plant. At the height increases to 60 I see.

hardy, branched stem until the end of the growing season coarsens.

The leaves are sharp, extensive. The flowers are small pink or white, bisexual, with a simple perianth as a corolla. The inflorescence is shaped like a small brush.

For the cultivation of buckwheat with a view to beekeeping, they should have a significant piece of land, since its yield is up to 10 staters per year.

In buckwheat small gardens planted for green manure (organic fertilizer).

Buckwheat planting and cultivation

Buckwheat sowing rate

Standards bdzholosim'yi per hectare / productivity

buckwheat honey

Buckwheat planting and cultivation

Buckwheat is sown 2-3 stages with an interval of 10-15 days. This makes the medosbor extension possible.

Buckwheat seeds that have been sown, when the soil warms up to 12-15 C.

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