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Seeds California bluebell

Seeds California bluebell


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Seeds California bluebell

California bluebell (PHACELIA TANACETIFOLIA)

It melitogono plant , gyreoforo and livestock .
The seed matures in about 60 days and must be irrigated at least twice . Plant height is 70 to 90 points and duration of flowering 50 days.
Yields about 40 pounds of honey acre when used as melitogono plant.
H California bluebell , Facelia tanacetifolia, is one of the main plants and beekeeping is particularly valuable , since it may give prolonged flowering plantations and then the lack of flowers in nature creates hunger in the hive .
The California bluebell is an annual herbaceous plant of the family Hydrophyllaceae adapted to dry and hot conditions. The plant reaches a height of 70-80 cm and occupying a diameter of about 30 cm . He leaves fteroeidi , alternating with deep green color . The flowers have long stamens are purple colored and found in inflorescences cob .
Sowing is done depending on when there is to be flowery plantation California bluebell for grazing needs of our bees . The plantation begins to bloom about two months after sowing and also bloom lasts two months . So to have California bluebell flowering in March and April, when is the best time of the exploitation of the colonies , seeding should be done in January - February. For California bluebell flowering can be successive sowings from March until May .
These plantations California bluebell , with favorable weather conditions , can stay rainfed . Otherwise it will take one to two waterings . However, if we need flowering crops in the fall, September and October , the crop must be done in July. In this case the field and plantation of California bluebell necessarily require watering.
The California bluebell can grow in almost all soils , but prefers to give much more modest production in soils , wet and sunny , that the fields have unobstructed southern exposure that shade plantation .
The field is prepared in the usual way before sowing receive a milling . Here the seed , which can be made with wheat seeders , properly regulated or pneumatic machines. For small areas, the seeding can be done by hand " jot " . The amount of seed needed is from 800 to 1,000 grams per hectare. Because the seed is thin , should be mixed with 3-4 kila50 cm deep and 0.5 to 2 cm depending on the mechanical composition of the soil . sand . When sowing is done mechanically , the lines are sowing with 35

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