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Hives accessories

Model: 47
Aperture queen plastic, is to restrict the queen on the floor at times mainly vasilotrofias and honey in the secretions. Lightweight and efficient...
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Model: 343
Why get hold of this scale?The beekeeping scales in our time is undoubtedly an essential tool for any modern beekeeper.From the variation of the weight of the cell and the outside temperature daily informed of the situation, which is our apiary. Even the winter season our information for the weight ..
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Model: 348
Blisters great door ADJUSTABLE 41-04 cmDoor Cell adjustable large 41-04 cmreinforced entrance door facilitates the work of the beekeeper with a move diminishes tin entrance to avoidsafe transport cells with aerationscrew the door onto the cell with controlled entry prostatevoumai our beehives from a..
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Model: 386
Cell 5 adjacent with ventilated lid and handle ideal for Carry flock..
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