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processing Honey

Model: 442
 3-panel electric melodrector (DADAN)..
Ex Tax:600.00€
Model: 125
4 frame electric honey extractor..
Ex Tax:480.00€
Model: 446
 4-Piece Mills Exporter Manually..
Ex Tax:160.00€
Model: 116
 antiscaling basinwith a special filter to drain chippings..
Ex Tax:38.00€
Model: 161
KULP Automatic Capping Machines are used for  capping Metal Twist-Off caps,Snap On Caps (Push On Caps), Trigger Caps, Spray Caps on jars, bottles, buckets and canisters automatically. Jar Capping Machine, Bottle Capping Machine,  Bucket Capping Machine, Canister Capping Mach..
Ex Tax:0.00€
Model: 157
Which products you may fill with this machine?Homogenized Yoghurt TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS*This Machine is designed to fill homogenized yoghurt into the plastic buckets.*Plastic Buckets are fed to the infeed conveyor of the machine by employees.The buckets are filled two by two under the fillng..
Ex Tax:0.00€
Model: 159
KULP Labellers has a capability of labelling round, square, hexagonal, rectangle, oval and ellipse packages which are made of glass, plastic and tin plates on all around, front & back sides, top & bottom sides which are made of glass, plastic by using self-adhesive labels. Glass Jar Lab..
Ex Tax:0.00€
Model: 409
Bain Marie Electric 2 container..
Ex Tax:245.00€
Model: 408
Bain Marie electric one container with electronic thermostat and digital thermometer..
Ex Tax:195.00€
Model: 65
Cannula honey metal with plastic flange..
Ex Tax:10.00€
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