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Model: 343
Why get hold of this scale?The beekeeping scales in our time is undoubtedly an essential tool for any modern beekeeper.From the variation of the weight of the cell and the outside temperature daily informed of the situation, which is our apiary. Even the winter season our information for the weight ..
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Model: 419
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Model: 265
Braze welding machine for plastic closure.20.cmBraze welding machine for plastic closure.20.cmPerfect for packing various items.Easily seal any type of plastic bags.It is made of hard plastic and is the most economical solution.Features thermostat for selecting the temperature depending on the thick..
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Model: 236
Camera detektiv sending photo on mobileTechnical Parameters: Image Sensor Type (Actual Pixels) 8 Megapixel Color CMOS memory 8MB ~ 32GB SD Card (not included) lens F = 3.1mm FOV (Field of View) = 60 ° PIR Sensing Distance 65feet / 20m TFT Screen 2.0 ..
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Model: 569
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Model: 353
It is made for transfer of flocks with ventilation type box Dadan and Lanstrond..
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