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Model: 343
Why get hold of this scale?The beekeeping scales in our time is undoubtedly an essential tool for any modern beekeeper.From the variation of the weight of the cell and the outside temperature daily informed of the situation, which is our apiary. Even the winter season our information for the weight ..
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Model: 419
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Model: 265
Braze welding machine for plastic closure.20.cmBraze welding machine for plastic closure.20.cmPerfect for packing various items.Easily seal any type of plastic bags.It is made of hard plastic and is the most economical solution.Features thermostat for selecting the temperature depending on the thick..
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Model: 236
Camera detektiv sending photo on mobileTechnical Parameters: Image Sensor Type (Actual Pixels) 8 Megapixel Color CMOS memory 8MB ~ 32GB SD Card (not included) lens F = 3.1mm FOV (Field of View) = 60 ° PIR Sensing Distance 65feet / 20m TFT Screen 2.0 ..
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Model: 569
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Model: 353
It is made for transfer of flocks with ventilation type box Dadan and Lanstrond..
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Model: 193
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Model: 311
Edge plastic frameplastic ready to make your own frames available to couples height 0.23 m and 0.16 m..
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Model: 429
Feeders with special float for feeding ritmisomeni Streaming..
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Model: 310
MOISTURE STOP the indoor and outdoor temperature difference of bees during the winter months due to the increase in carbon dioxide is trapped inside the sleeve into the high humidity.MOISTURE STOP cap..
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Model: 264
Glue Machine for closing plastic bags.Perfect for packing various items.Easily seal any type of plastic bags.It is made of hard plastic and is the most economical solution.Features thermostat for selecting the temperature depending on the thickness of the bag.Welding Width: 2mmWelding Length: 30cm..
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Model: 423
Heated blanket honey melting for big barrel..
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Model: 267
Heated blanket melting honeyDimensions 1.50 * 80 220v  to 70 C for the barrel CONTAINER and vasesIt is very useful for beekeepers..
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Model: 263
Microscopic BEE mask gift ADVERTISINGWe execute orders and advertising..
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Model: 325
Mixer sugar 100k..
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Model: 307
Omichlopoiitis for large bottles..
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Model: 366
Outside Plasticizer HoneyThe solution for the certification of honey, easily, without stirring! Simply wrap the resistance-wire around the container containing honey want to liquidate, put into the outlet, and allow a few hours.Honey is ready for packaging. Forget metal resistors, difficult-cleaning..
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Model: 191
Panels electric fence to prevent intrusion of any wild animal in melissokomio.kanoume pecific and studies..
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Model: 287
plastic crate replaces successfully normal panniers durable large easy to clean must for apetitikous beekeepers..
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Model: 326
Press honeycomb metal 41ch26 print (dadan)..
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Model: 431
 Press honeycomb silicone print 24x44Feature:1. With comb textures, it can be used to print comb patterns of other products.2. Mainly used for beehive wax press sheet, hand pressed wax base mold.3. Using high-quality rubber material, soft and durable, safe and non-toxic, long-term use.4. Soft m..
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Model: 151
California bluebell (PHACELIA TANACETIFOLIA)It melitogono plant , gyreoforo and livestock .The seed matures in about 60 days and must be irrigated at least twice . Plant height is 70 to 90 points and duration of flowering 50 days.Yields about 40 pounds of honey acre when used as melitogono plant.H C..
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Model: 230
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Model: 192
steel wire electric fence  500 m ..
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Model: 244
We locate the point through mobile phone stolen your beehives and your fortune every mobilevery effective and easy installation Theft tracker for beehives and vehiclesSpecifications:colorblackconnectionGSM / SpRsGSM Frequency850/900/1800 / 1900MhzEntry FeeInput AC110-220V 50 / 60HzExit FeeOutpu..
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