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Black Cumin Essential Oil 20ML..
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Model: 633
Chamomile essential oil 20mL..
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Model: 531
ESSENTIAL OIL, RELIEF, ANTISEPTIC, EXHIBITIVE, AROMATIC, MILK, ANISE, STIMULATING, DIURETIC, HORROR, HORROR.Essential oil, anise: Extracted from the anise seed, it is almost colorless and has a warm, spicy and sweet aroma. It is known since antiquity because it is used to flavor sweets and bread. Ve..
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Model: 527
Eucalyptus is known mainly for its properties in the respiratory system, as it facilitates and releases respiration.Use in Aromatherapy:Strengthen the body in cases of flu and colds: add 2-3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in boiling water, cover the head with a towel and inhale deeply until water..
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Model: 533
Ginger essential oil 20MLGinger, scientifically named Zingiber Officinalis, is an evergreen plant native to Asia. Its therapeutic action has been known since antiquity. In ancient Chinese medicine we find it in texts over 2,000 years old, while the Romans knew and appreciated its medicinal propertie..
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Model: 609
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Model: 528
* Including sustainable certified fish oils.Environmentally friendlyIridescent trout oil comes from the iridescent trout of the inland rivers of Denmark, without burdening global fisheries, as it is 100% sustainable.With zero impact on the environment and low carbon footprint, as fish are collected ..
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Pomegranate Seed Essential Oil 20ML..
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Model: 607
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